Academic Tutoring Services are one-to-one or small group services available to students on a year-round basis, including support for academics on a short-term or as-needed basis.  Services can provide students with extra assistance for ongoing school work, homework or intensive one-on-one teaching in a specific area of need.  Enrichment and summer tutoring is also available.  Sessions can be scheduled to meet the needs of the individual client. Tutoring sessions can be held at the main EE office, at the client’s school or home. Mileage fees (current IRS rate) are charged for tutoring at sites other than the main EE office.

Certified Tutoring ($40/45 minute session plus mileage) is available in all subject areas for K-8th grade students and in a variety of subjects at the high school level.  Special strategies for students with learning disabilities are also available.

Non-Certified Tutoring ($20/45 minute session plus mileage) is provided by high school or college students who excel academically and provide non-certified tutoring in math from kindergarten through high school.

Please contact Judy at 520.272.4020 or judy@eeaz.org for more information.