Fee Schedule

EE made the choice to become a non-profit corporation, knowing that it would be an arduous and lengthy process. We made this choice because we knew that the parents of children with special needs, especially those who choose to enroll their students in non-governmental schools, often face overwhelming financial burdens. Therapy for learning disabilities and tutoring for academic needs can be expensive and are rarely covered by any type of insurance. As a not-for-profit, we can seek and accept donations from many sources and in turn, use these to help children with special needs. Our desire is that all children will receive the guidance and support they need in order to be successful in school.


Service Fees* (Revised April 2018):

General Individual Assessment & Support Services

Academic Support Tutoring (certified personnel),  $40.00
per 45 minute session ~ 
Academic Support Tutoring (non-certified personnel),
per 45 minute session ~   $20.00
Analysis of Academic Records, per hour  $35.00
Research/Review/Parent Information, per hour  $35.00
School Assessment with Classroom Observation,
Teacher Consultation and Parent Meeting, per hour  $35.00
     Written Report, per hour  $35.00
Phone Consultation, per hour (after first 15 minutes)  $35.00
Consultation with Teachers, Health Professionals,
and Parents, per hour  $35.00
Informal Consultation, 15 minutes or less  No Charge
Organizational or Behavior Management Plan
Development and Maintenance, per hour  $35.00
Study Skills Support, per hour  $35.00


Class Offerings

'Organized For Success' School Student Program  
     Parent & Student Group Information Session (2 per summer) No Charge
       Individual Information Session (per hour)     $35
       Group Sessions (6 week class)     $75
       Student School Materials (sold at cost when available)     Vary
Study Skills Summer Program (6th - 8th Grade)  $100.00


General Material Fees




Evaluation Services, with written report

Analysis of Academic Records, per hour  $35.00
Mini Battery of Achievement (MBA) With Written Report  $50.00
Math, Reading Readiness, Reading Evaluations With Written Report, per hour  $35.00
Informal Reading Inventory With Written Report  $100.00
Saxon Math Test  $35.00
Test Review With Teacher/Parent, per hour  $35.00
Testing Materials Fee, no more than >  $6.00


Vision and Hearing Screening, per hour/per provider



Travel Fee, Outside Tucson per Google Maps
To & From, after first 30 minutes/per hour/per provider



Mileage Charge, per mile RT from EE office

Standard IRS Rate
* Subject To Revision