Our Vision & Philosophy

Enhancing Education (EE), a not-for-profit corporation, was founded as Educational Special Needs Services in 2000 and was developed to help assure quality education for all children in a variety of school programs. Our multi-disciplinary team has a program that provides families and school personnel with guidance and support for students in order to promote academic success. We care for the whole child, addressing needs in the academic, attendance, behavioral, health, and social areas.

EE is committed to working with parents and schools to identify and remediate individual needs that may prevent students from receiving the full benefit of their education. This is not an attempt to label students, but rather to heighten the awareness of those adults who have direct responsibility for the students and their individual needs.

EE will work to build comprehensive, continuing, and consistent partnerships between school and home in order to meet these goals. EE will facilitate the diagnostic and intervention process and aid the teaching staff in coordinating a comprehensive, customized plan for students who are unable to function successfully in the traditional classroom.