About Us

Enhancing Education (EE), a not-for-profit corporation in Tucson, Arizona, was founded as Educational Special Needs Services in 2000 and was developed to assure quality education for all children in a variety of school programs. Using a multi-disciplinary approach we can provide parents, students, school administrators and teachers with guidance, testing, referral and support for students in order to allow academic success. We care for the whole child, addressing needs in the academic, attendance, behavioral, health, and social areas.

From our inception in June 2000 through the summer of 2017, we have provided services to more than 600 clients as well as hearing and vision screening for thousands of school children.
We continued to offer our academic tutoring and educational support programs, including summer study skills classes for home schooled students as well as middle and high school students. We also continue to provide organizational classes and services to an increasing number of students.

Due to the generosity of our contributors, we were able to continue to offer sliding scale fees for all of our clients who qualified based on income as well as additional scholarships for those with extenuating circumstances. The mileage scholarship, first offered in 2007 was greatly appreciated and is now included for all clients on a sliding scale basis. By offering a sliding scale for service fees and mileage as well as other scholarships we were able to assist more clients in need of support services who would not have received assistance due to an inability to afford them.

We were able to offer scholarship assistance beginning in 2002 and to date, more than $59,000.00 in assistance has been provided. We have had a wonderful response to our request for support in our mailers and numerous families now support us in a variety of ways. Current sources of donations are through Smile.Amazon.com, Fry’s Community Rewards, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, United Way Valley of the Sun, United eWay. appreciated stock, individual monetary donations, as well as ink cartridge and cell phone donations for our recycling programs.

Especially For School Administrators

Do you have students in your school who are struggling to succeed academically? Are your teachers concerned about students who daydream their way through class? Do they agonize over students who can’t seem to stay organized or have ongoing problem with incomplete assignments? Are there children who have difficulty controlling their behavior or who strike out at peers, seemingly oblivious to consequences? Have you or your staff ever felt “alone” and wished for someone else to assist with these students?

Especially For Parents

The activity of 20+ children, during a six hour school day can be overwhelming for a child (not to mention the adults involved in the life of the child) who is struggling to be successful in school and is not participating in or adhering to an ongoing intervention program.

Enhancing Education (EE), a not-for-profit corporation, was funded as Educational Special Needs Services in 2000 and was developed to help assure quality education for all children in a variety of school programs. Parents desire an excellent education for their children and teachers and administrators of schools are expected to be able to provide an excellent education for students. However, providing this kind of education students who struggle for a variety of reasons can be a challenge. EE utilizes a multi-disciplinary team approach with a program that will provide families and schools with the needed guidance and support for students.  This means that EE addresses needs in many areas, including, but not limited to, academic problems, attendance problems, behavioral problems, health problems, and social problems. EE is committed to partnership with parents and schools that seek to help to identify and remediate specific needs of a student by facilitating comprehensive, continuing and consistent partnership between school and home in order to meet these goals. EE will initiate or assist with the assessment and intervention process and aid the teaching staff in the coordination of an educational plan for students who are struggling to function successfully in the academic arena.

At this time, these services are offered via parent or school referral. There is no cost to the school as parents are responsible for all fees incurred. In order to serve you in the best possible manner, we would be glad to answer any questions you might have. Your suggestions regarding our services are also appreciated.