Judy SanfordJudith Sanford


Judy received her B.A. in Education from Concordia University in River Forest, Illinois, and an M.S. in Special Education, concentrating in the area of deaf work from Hunter University in New York City. For ten years, Judy taught at Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf on Long Island, New York. She then taught for eight years at her own children’s elementary school, Chapel of the Redeemer, in Flushing, New York.

After settling in Tucson, Arizona, Judy taught for one year at Faith Lutheran School, and then for the next five years as a fifth grade teacher at Grace Christian School. For the three years prior to joining the ESNS staff, Judy began specializing in Educational Therapy, in association with the National Institute for Learning Disabilities (NILD).

Besides her formal degree work, Judy holds a certificate of Lutheran Education, a New York State Teacher’s Certification, and has been trained through the National Institute for Learning Disabilities (NILD) as an Educational Therapist.

Judy holds current certification through the Arizona Department of Health Services Hearing Screening T3 Training for Pure Tone Hearing Screening.

Judy can be reached at 520-272-4020 or judy@eeaz.org


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