Janna Van EgmondJanna Van Egmond

Chairman & Treasurer

Janna received her B.S. in Nursing from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. She began her professional career as a nurse at Tucson Medical Center, where she worked for one year in Pediatrics and the Pediatric ICU. She then worked for two years as a school nurse in the Amphitheater School District. Her responsibilities were for the general student population as well as those with special needs. During the years of raising her family, Janna remained active in school health by volunteering in related areas at Christian schools and by working to develop organized documentation systems and basic health screening programs for students in these schools.

For 10 years, Janna was the Health Services Coordinator at Grace Christian School and during the last four years worked as a member of the team that developed the school’s Special Needs Services branch. During this time, Janna worked with the administration, staff and parents to meet the needs of students with special health, attentional, organizational, or emotional needs and she continues this work with numerous other schools in the Tucson area as part of the ESNS team.

Janna holds current certification through the Arizona Department of Health Services Hearing Screening T3 Training for Pure Tone Hearing Screening and was also a contributor toward the 1996 revision of the Arizona School Vision Screening Guidelines manual and video.

Janna can be reached at 520-808-7507 or janna@eeaz.org


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